WE break it down for you, step by step.

Before we deliver new furniture and reconfigure your workspace, it’s important to know what works best for you. We always start by learning as much as we can about your business – while letting you know quite a bit about ours, too.

Then we’ll assemble our team, review the scope of project and educate ourselves about the assignment ahead.


  • Develop a thorough understanding of your needs, business practices and goals
  • Discuss the current trends, changes and concepts in today’s workplaces
  • Present financial alternatives – leasing, trade-in, refurbishing and re-use of existing product – before moving forward with new purchases


  •  Modify or develop effective layouts for your office space
  • Determine what products work best with your budget
  • Assist in systems reconfigurations


  • Coordinate with manufacturers – negotiate pricing, shipping costs, lead times and installation quotes
  • Finalize costs
  • Procure new products


  • Handle all scheduling – ensure proper sequence of manufacturing and delivery
  • Coordinate with manufacturers, suppliers and contractors on the job site
  • Consult with design firm and client
  • Submit progress reports
  • Monitor all project costs
  • Supervise all furniture delivery and installation
  • Conduct final walkthrough


After you’ve settled in and have had a chance to live in your new space, don’t hesitate to call us back in if questions arise. We’re here to help – and will continue to assist you in any way that we can.

  • Manage inventory
  • Handle in-house reconfiguration
  • Refurbish existing product if needed
  • Update service and repair
  • Procure all contracts from manufacturers
  • Partner in long-term furniture/facility objectives