Sherri Krensel and Jean Harper
Owners / Partners

Strong personalities? Absolutely, but we prefer to call this duo “dynamic”. These two business partners and friends joined forces in January of 2000 to form Workplace Environments (WE) after spending over two decades climbing the furniture industry ladder, and establishing the many designer, architect and client relationships that helped create the foundation for WE.

Sherri and Jean bring an enthusiastic, collaborative energy to WE along with a wealth of experience. They started off in the early 80s marketing office furniture to Fortune 500 companies, before moving on to manage project teams at one of the largest Herman Miller dealerships in the country. Today, the partners are involved at every level of the WE organization and provide executive oversight on all major projects.

Meet more of the WE team here – a collection of hard working, knowledgeable and accomplished individuals.

Allison Wiley – Senior Account Manager
The daughter of an architect, Allison was born with genes for logic and creativity. The epitome of a perfectionist, our Senior Account Manager ensures that every “t” is crossed, “i” is dotted, “o” is connected, “x” is slashed, “z” is zazzled…you get the point. With her attention to detail and interior design background, she is the perfect liaison to the company’s major clients and special projects.

Danielle Lathrop – Manager Design and Specification
Danielle leads her team in the development of specifications to provide a flawless bill of materials, drawings and renderings. With more product knowledge than the Library of Congress, Danielle is an invaluable resource to architects, designers, contractors, end users and obviously, us.

Sarah Finnegan – Executive Sales QB
A decade ago, we drafted Sarah right out of college, a bright business prospect with a future in sales. Ten years later, Sarah has changed the game, directing her team on numerous award-winning projects and filling her trophy case with awards – including Teknion’s Sales Person of the Year. She even earned the title of Executive Sales Quarterback thanks to her ability to lead sales teams with learned industry knowledge and innate business acumen. Our Super Bowl winning QB (or Queen Bee as we affectionately refer to her) inspires confidence in team members and customers alike.

Dolores Evans – Manager of Project Management
When you’re the oldest of eight children like Dolores, being in charge comes naturally. This born leader manages projects from start to finish – creating timelines, analyzing truck fills, evaluating loading docks, and looking over every possible detail – all to make sure everything stays on time and on budget. She tracks deliveries and installations, coordinates with vendors and installers, leads by example, and keeps everyone in sync. Dolores’s siblings say she’s bossy. We think she’s just perfect for controlling the wild, wild world of office furniture.

Matt Ward – Strategic Project Manager
With his unique background and wide range of knowledge, Matt adds versatility to our leadership team. Having worked for one of Philadelphia’s major architectural firms, Matt has extensive experience as both an interior designer and construction manager. This gives him a rare perspective that few other project managers in the industry possess. Also, he’s a first class baker, which in our eyes makes him absolutely indispensable.


Our cutting-edge workplaces do most of the talking for us, but here are a few items in our trophy case that speak well to our success, too.


Teknion Achievement Award for sales volume – Workplace Environments (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013(

Teknion Dealer Partner Award – Workplace Environments (2005, 2010)

VS America Achievement Award – Workplace Environments, for the Princeton University Chemistry Building project (2010)


Teknion’s Sales Excellence Award – Sarah Finnegan, Workplace Environments QB (2010)

The Support Center for Child Advocates Distinguished Advocate Award – Sherri Krensel, Partner, for her commitment to children and outstanding business leadership for child advocacy (2010). Sherri has been a member of Child Advocates’ Board of Trustees since 2003 and currently serves as a Board Officer.